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Forest of Love - Tree #7142

This tree was planted on Saturday, May 26th 2012

This tree belongs to Candice and Robert.

 More Information:
We met in Aug of 2011. The universe gave us some very difficult challenges that made us move too fast and a lot of stress came of it. After some serious fighting, we decided to seperate. I moved across the state and he stayed in our apartment. After just four days, I gave in and called him. Since then, we have seen other twice, but skype and phone chat daily. We are working on fixing ourselves so that we can be better partners in the future. We talk about our dreams of the future and upcoming visits. We are best friends that the universe brought together too soon. But we will make it, and we strive everyday to do what we need to, in order to be together again.

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"Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination" - Voltaire
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