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Forest of Love - Tree #7413

This tree was planted on Monday, July 16th 2012

This tree belongs to Kalee and Shalini.

 More Information:
I met her in 2010 at a school drama festival. She was the most beautiful girl i have ever seen. Fell in love instantly. She wasn't even in my school then and i had no chance of getting to know about her. But that was just what i thought. Somehow, with time, i managed to go to her school and after two years of learning about her i knew she was THE ONE. i needed to tell her how i felt. So on February 27th 2012 i told her and i got the answer that i wished for on the following day, an answer that i never believed i'd get from her. My whole life just took a turn for the best. Ever since that day, i have loved her with all my heart and she too loved me truly. There was nothing else i could think about anytime other than her. She was everything i have ever dreamed of. When i say beautiful, its not just her appearance, its also her mind. She's got a beautiful mind and heart. I love the way she thinks, the way she talks, the way she smiles, the way she looks at me, the way she dresses, simply i love everything she does and everything about her. We never really had any way of being together at some place for just the two of us but we never gave up on each other. I came to school often just to see her. And finally we planned to meet up. On 6th September, i went to her place. We spent two hours together. Those 2 hours just felt like heaven. It was our first time to together. We had our first kiss. That was something very special. I sang a song for her, which i think she liked. She taught me how to dance ball room. Or she tried, cause i turned out to be too tall for that. Anyway its been a month since that day till today. And Shali if you're reading this I just want to tell you that i will never ever give up on you no matter what. we'll always be together and everything will be alright. I promise. Just don't want you to give up on me either. I love you so much. - 10/10/12

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"Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination" - Voltaire
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