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Forest of Love - Tree #7577

This tree was planted on Sunday, August 19th 2012

This tree belongs to Sushmita and Sander.

 More Information:
Sander I'm really lucky and glad to have met you and to have you in my life.Though you are so far away and we might never meet each other, I still like you very much.And my liking for you keeps increasing with each passing day.

I long to be with you a lot.I hate this distance between us the most!But then again,if I think about it I realize not everyone gets to experience such a thing.What we have is very special for me.

It would have been easier if I hadn't met you in the first place because then I wouldn't have missed you so much and felt so bad about not being able to be with you like I now do.But it would have been worse if I never knew you existed!I would have missed one of the best things in my life!I would have missed all the good things that I felt and experienced only after I met you!

I can never fully express in words how much I miss you and like you but I hope you would understand.Even with this distance between us we like each other and have continued talking.You are very special and important for me and I think of you million times a day!Seeing you really makes my day.My day seems complete even if I get to talk to you for a minute.

It is too bad that we can't be together.I can only imagine how great it would be to be with you in person!I will never forget you and will always cherish the times I saw and talked to you.I sincerely hope one day we might be able to meet each other and be together for real.And if that day ever comes it would the happiest one I'll ever have!

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