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Forest of Love - Tree #8203

This tree was planted on Monday, December 31st 2012

This tree belongs to Chad Jensen and Diana Arroyo.

 More Information:
"There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness." -- Friedrich Nietzsche

> How we met
*College: The University of Kansas, Lawrence Campus. 2012.
*Dorms: Oliver Residence Hall, 9th Floor, Rooms 926 (Diana) and 913 (Chad)
*Became Friends: While exploring the boy's hall of our floor with my roommate, Chad and I were introduced for the first time. "Ambivalence -- OMG & ShockWave"

> Firsts...
*First time hanging out together: When I was sleepy and Chad kept waking me up, so we watched asdf movies on YouTube.
*First Kiss: October 3, 2012 (also our Official anniversary)
*First date: Ate smoothies at Juice Stop and then went to Encore and we both ate General Tsao chicken (Chad refused to try Soy Sauce on his rice)
*First movie night: Watching the Tall Man in my room, while avoiding a back rub.
*First movie date: watching the midnight premiere of Paranormal Activity 4 on October 19th.
*First time meeting parents: Went out to eat at Apple Bee's with Chad's mom and Kevin. Chad met my mom when she randomly showed up with food when I was sick.
*First teddy bear: Charles the baby bear (He's Grounded Right Now). Juan took Chad to Dillon's at 2:30AM to buy me a teddy bear and 12 red roses for my birthday.
*First picture [group setting]: at Zach's room (912) for Elizabeth's birthday party on October 18th. [just the two of us]: sitting at our bench on Mass Street after eating dinner at 715 for my birthday on October 22, 2012. imgur.c0m/rvcZR
*First separation: Fall break (3 days)
*First sincere "I love you:" after a huge fight
*First fight: Chad went out with friends one night. Broke a promise. HUGE fight.
*First game: Playing Wow in Chad's room. I'm his lucky charm.

> All the things we have in c0mmon
food, gaming, music, parents, events in our lives, thoughts

> How our relationship has grown
Despite our fights, disagreements, and disappointments we have emerged through them all with a stronger bond holding us together.

> Feelings, hopes, dreams
I love you, Chad. You have shown me such happiness these past few months that we have spent together. I can't see myself ever being without you in my life. I'm sorry for all the bad things that have happened, but I can't help but feeling thankful for what we have been able to learn form those experiences. As I write this we are hundreds of miles apart, but my feelings for you only continue to grow. I love you and miss you so much.

Regardless of the troubles that we go through, I know that her lovely smile and beautiful personality can make my heart beat like the first time I saw her. The moment she stepped into my room, I knew that she was the girl I wanted to be with for the rest of my life. Mon coeur t'appartienne.

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