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Forest of Love - Tree #8296

This tree was planted on Friday, January 18th 2013

This tree belongs to Piper Reid and Dawson McClendon.

 More Information:
How we met: Dawson and I first saw each other at a university campus, we went to a restaurant and basically laughed and cut up the whole time. That's when I first got the idea that I'd be really happy with him. We made fun of the same things and we seemed to always be on the same page.
Our first kiss: Dawson and I first kissed in the upstairs bedroom of my house after watching a comedy. It was kinda perfect. We both leaned in at exactly the same time and afterwards agreed that was the best kiss we ever had.
Our anniversary: Our anniversary is on July 8, 2012. We recently passed our six month mark and are looking forward to six more months :)
Our favorite activities together: Dawson and I like to be nerdy and watch Star Wars/ talk about Star Wars, cuddle on the couch, and basically just spend time together. We would talk on the phone all day if we could manage it.
What it is about him: Well, I was in a really bad car accident in August shortly after I met Dawson and he was the most supporting person in my life at that time. Not even my life long best friend was as supporting as Dawson. He has a perfect smile, he's funny, and we both always seem to be in agreement about the basic principles that matter. But the best thing about him is he always puts a smile on my face and he respects my boundaries.
I love you Dawson!

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