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Forest of Love - Tree #15046

This tree was planted on Monday, May 7th 2018

This tree belongs to Dan Michael and Angela Mae.

 More Information:

To my dearest love,

It's been ten months since you have committed your loving heart into a relationship with me. And as we look forward to our first year of being together, I want to tell you that this is by far similar to what I envisioned as an ideal relationship. I never thought that someone would love me this much in my life and would make me a better man as I grow forward.

Love, thank you for continuing to share your amazing life with me. Even though we had these differences between us, you never made me feel so indifferent. You accepted me for who I am and what I have. I might not be the guy who can give you all the fortune that can be found in this world, but I can give you all my faithful love and happiness that you deserve. A lady like you seems to be rare nowadays, and I am glad that I can be the one who has the chance to treasure your diamond-like heart in this very cruel world. I hope you can continue to find your solace in me, and I will keep my heart open to be your never-ending paradise.

Love, I expect that our relationship will grow forth as we prepare ourselves to be part of the contributing people of the society. I believe we can endure a lot as long as we keep our communication open and clear, and as long as we stay true to each other.

Love, whenever rough times hit us, I suggest you visit this tree and reminisce how our relationship have flourished through time. I do know that we have lots of joyous moments together. We might have already endured some obstacles we never knew we'll face along the way too. But remember that if ever we stumbled upon our greatest conflict yet, do know that my heart still longs for you. I will also remember all the things we have done together as an affectionate couple and how we resolved our misunderstandings. And by the end of the day, I am still going home to you. Maybe we need a bit of time on some of our conflicts, but I know that I will still be coming back to you. We just need to realize things, and eventually, I will realize that having the future without you feels incomplete and senseless. Yes, I need you in my life, my dearest. Thus, I am optimistic that we can sort it out soonest.

Love, whenever I am away from you, you can also visit this tree. For this will be one of the symbols of our love for each other. This is our virtual halfway. So be here when you miss me, and I hope this tree can take you on a trip down the memory lane with all of our lovely dates. Do not worry, my dear. We will see each other again soon. You are my sunshine, so I cannot bear not seeing you for too long. Love gods will be kind enough to us and will set our next date pronto.

Seven blessings to us, my dear. And may God grant us the relationship for good that we long and deserve.

Hugs and kisses from me to you!

I miss you, jagiya. I love you, my Angela Mae.

Always yours,

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