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Forest of Love - Tree #5263

This tree was planted on Friday, March 25th 2011

This tree belongs to Justin and Renee.

 More Information:
I met Renee online. Chat roulette to be exact, proving you have to wade though several dicks in this world before you find your gal. Anyhoo, when her camera came up I was instantly star struck. I honestly didn't believe in love at first sight until this night. I was trolling and messing with people, wearing a mask to cover my face and a hat for my hair. When it stopped on her, I said "Your Move" expecting her to next me.

Lucky for me, she didn't instead she asked what was under the mask. Instantly, obeying her text, I took off the mask and hat. Her eyes lit up. I knew I had her. We stayed up all night talking to each other. Switched numbers, names, instant messengers, etc. Luckily we did that right before chat roulette booted us both off!

Two months of talking every night. That is all it took for me to decide, I had to meet this girl. I took all the money I had, set up a weekend in which we would meet and bought a train ticket. sixteen hours later, I arrived. Scared to death that she wasn't going to meet up with me, I stumbled around the station. I am from a small town, she is from a big city. I had no clue where the hell my hotel was or anything. I called her, she answered, I then found her and my mind went blank.

The Girl of my dreams was standing in front of me on the stairs.

The 3 days I was with her went by fast. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was Magic.

The day I was returning home, I asked her if we could be exclusive. She said yes.

She cried when I left for the train. I held it together until I got on the train.

We have been together for a Year + now. I still feel the same as I did a year ago, when I saw that beautiful girl peering out at me from behind that LCD monitor.


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